Sports Coaching:

Cricket Coaching Training @ Neogenics

Cricket Coaching:

Neogenics’ perception is to conduct cricket events everywhere possible and provide a platform for promising talent to express themselves at the same time nurturing them by providing best-in-class coaching, infrastructure, and support. We also bring our years of practice in leading sporting events by a well-planned and professional approach with rigor and a disciplined manner. We perform Outdoor & Indoor sporting occasions for corporates & Schools in Cricket. We also have a set package for corporates & schools in conducting comprehensive Annual sports day events.

Cricket Coaching Programme Features:

  • Implement technical coaching sessions (For beginners, youth, and adult players)
  • Practice matches
  • Introduce fundamental skills of cricket in fun and engaging activities to beginners
  • Develop all-round cricket skills
  • Private technique coaching assemblies (for beginners to adult players)
  • Match Practice
  • Fitness program
  • Holiday camps