Software Development

Course Details

In the Software Development field, innovation happens at a lightning-fast pace. There are new products, tools, and apps published into the business every day—and dozens of languages and structures to master. Neogenics Private Limited gives you a platform to do just that with our high-quality Mobile and Software Development programs.

What you'll learn?

  • Generate professional applications using Kotlin, the new Java-based programming language produced by Jetbrains
  • Learn the theories of the Kotlin language and how it blends neatly with Java
  • Understand the basics of object-oriented software development, the most important advancement paradigm
  • Understand the laws behind other object-oriented languages like Java, C++, PHP, C#, Scala, or Swift
  • Use Intellij, the modern Java (and Kotlin) IDE, to write code efficiently and professionally
  • Read code and compose your Kotlin code as well

Course Highlights

Specializations and programs in software development overtake the process of creating software, including development tools and methodologies (such as Agile development), programming languages (including Python, C, Java, and Scala), and software architecture and testing.