Robotic Courses

Embedded Systems and Kids Robotic Trainings:

Embedded Training:

The Embedded Training in Neogenics Private Limited originally offers the learners the components of the Embedded System Software and its development process. The Expert Embedded Mentors at Neogenics gets you familiarized with Memory System, Process Architecture,Microcontroller Peripherals, and advanced optimizations and use of the compilers in real-time with certification. By the end of the Embedded Training, you will become more frequent with Embedded System Technology, Its Applications, and the skills that are required to work as an Embedded Engineer.

Why Embedded Training at Neogenics Academy?

  • Expertly curated Embedded Course modules that are in sync with the industry standards of Embedded Technology.
  • The course is taught by Specialist Embedded Engineers to embrace the complete Embedded System Stack and Embedded Micro Architecture concepts.
  • Proficient Embedded Mentors with years of expertise in the Embedded Platform.
  • Exhaustive Embedded Training to make you understand the vital ideas namely Embedded Software, Compiler Phases, Network Processors, and Data Layouts of the Embedded Processor.
  • Immersive Mentor-led Embedded Course.
  • An established summary of the previous Embedded Classes is bestowed to the participants to strengthen their technical competence.
  • Professional Embedded System Training at an economical price with an attainment certificate on achieving the Embedded Training.
  • Our Training renders the students with 100% of Placement Assistance for all the participants who have undergone the Embedded Training successfully.
  • Our Training has Recruitment & Placement Association with 600+ Business Entities.
  • Our Training Academy has a Placement Platform that caters to the participants proficiently to ace their career in the aspired path.

Kids Robotic Training:

Coding has become an essential ability for the technology-driven 21st century. lt teaches computational thinking skills in kids which, in simple words, is the method of solving problems using technology. Apart from that it also supports kids in their academics, particularly mathematics and physics. It makes them more productive and guides them in important life skills like problem solving and self-learning.The best age to start acquiring Robotics & Coding is at age 5.

Course Highlights

Kids are at the prime of their creativity between ages 5-15, hence these are the greatest years to nurture 21st-century technological abilities in them. Robotics is the most efficient way to teach Coding to kids, as when children innovate, build and play with their hands – it helps them understand technology at a deeper level. Kids aged 5 can begin to discover Robotics & Coding using Tweak, a snap and fit robot. As they grow up they can buy kits with more advanced metal construction parts, motors, sensors, and electronics.

Course Highlights:

Neogenics Private Limited has a whole portfolio of award-winning Robotics kits and courses specifically designed for kids of different ages keeping in mind the child’s skill, interest, and attention span at a certain age. But apart from technical skills, we make sure Neogenics innovators develop in holistic ways learning creativity, hard work, problem-solving, social skills, and communication skills.

Our team also helps kids grow as a tribe and not individually – learning and innovating with others. So rest assured, if a curious kid enters the Neogenics at age 5, they leave it becoming a full-blown innovator at age 16.Coding/Robotics works are growing 50 percent active than the technology demand as a whole. Engineering (software, mechanical, electrical) is a sure occupation for kids who study robotics & coding at an initial age.

But that’s not all, learning Robotics/Coding also empower kids to determine computational thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and creativity which makes them independent in life, thereby opening up avenues in distinct acknowledged careers like design (industrial, product, automobile, UI/UX), business, management and entrepreneurship amongst others.Robotics is transforming modern manufacturing with automation, medicine with surgical machines, and also making our domestic & social lives more convenient with intelligent robots. Hence, learning Robotics is the cornerstone in becoming a 21st Century Innovator. Approximately 50% of jobs just in America will require employees to know about Robotics. Apart from being critical professionally, Robotics also teaches kids important life skills of creativity, curiosity, problem-solving and social skills that help them in all walks of life.