Back End Development

Course Details

Back end Development associates with the server-side development

Back-end developer abilities include Development Languages, databases, Cache, Server, API, etc.

Roles and Responsibilities of Backend Developer

  • The Back end developer job is to explain the objects of the website and come up with effective solutions
  • Storing data and also assuring that it is displayed to that user who is assumed to have access to it
  • Responsible for acquiring Payment processing system like accepting data, securely storing that info, and making changes to that payment
  • Administer APIs resources that work across devices
  • He or she might be included in the architecture of a system and Data science analyses.
  • Back-end developers are also required to be involved in building frameworks or architecture to make it easier to program against.
  • Back End web developers should have the facilities for implementing algorithms and determining system-related problems.

Course Highlights

  • The backend web developer should explain the goals of the website and come up with effective resolutions
  • The languages that a front-end developer should use are simple with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript whereas Back End web developers should be familiar with the database, Server, API, etc.
  • Front-end development services can’t be offered separately but Backend web development service can be offered independently