Android Development

Course Details

Neogenics Private Limited Provides an Android training course that will give you all the knowledge required to work with the Android platform and Android programming. This Android course will empower you to improve Android apps and register them on the Google Play store to show the world your creativity.

android developer

What you will learn in this course?

  • Android basics, its architecture, and the mobile apps business
  • Multiple components of Android and application life cycle sources
  • Designing Menus and Layouts in Android
  • Using the SQLite database for creating Android applications
  • Working on animation, content creation, data storage, and Maps API
  • Operating with Android Studio, DDMS, Listeners, and other tools
  • Creating interactive apps with multimedia
  • Publishing the apps on the Google Play store

Course Highlights

Some major topics included in this training are Android architecture, its elements, and various resources, the method of the Utilization life cycle, the Layout Manager, different styles, menus, intents, broadcast information, the SQLite database, and Google Play store registration.

Today, Android has grown to enhance the biggest operating system for smartphone-supporting articles from scores of productions making it a truly global phenomenon. Taking up this training and studying the art of Android App Development can thrust you into the big league where you can manage big salaries and further grow in your career in one of the most compelling technology platforms obtainable today.